The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2


I went to see Twilight the weekend it came out. The movie was pretty good, the series isn’t my favorite but I think the movies are alright if you’re into the vampire craze. The movie began with Bella experiencing being a vampire for the first time. I thought these scenes were kind of akward. I guess Kristen Stewart is akward though normally…


I thought the young girl playing the vampire baby was cute. She was a good fit for the role. Big time fans would have been upset if the casted a girl that didn’t fully resemble what they thought the vampire baby should look like.


The fight scene between the vampires, wolves and the voltori was strange to me. Ripping heads off shouldn’t be as easy as they made it look in the movie… But beside that the scene was done really good. It was suprising and really played to the emotions well.


The twist towards the end was the best part of the movie…I don’t want to give it away but you’ll see when you watch the movie. It was not an expected twist at all! The end of the movie was summed up nice as well. The flashback/vision bella showed Edward was cute and it really showed their relationship in a nutshell.



silent hill revelation


Silent Hill Revelation was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I don’t usually hate movies, and don’t normally tell someone not to watch something but this movie is on that “don’t watch” list for me.


The plot seemed like it would have been ok, but the directors just added so many irrelevant parts to the story. The movie wasn’t scary at all. The so called monsters didn’t even look realistic.


The main fight between the girl in charge and the main character (Heather) was done awful. It lasted only a few seconds and looked like a sad version of an arm wrestling match. It was the worst “intense” part of a movie I have ever seen.


The end of the film irritated me the most. The whole plot of the story was that the daughter who escaped Silent Hill had to go back to the town to rescue her father. When she does the father leaves her to go back into Silent Hill to find his wife. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF HER SAVING HIM? He just went right back inside.

The Dark Knight Rises


The Dark Knight Rises was a great movie. I bought the movie the day it came out so I could see the movie for a second time. The movie was just as good as the last  two movies and it lived up to every expectation. Christan Bale did an excellent job as Bruce Wayne again in this film.


The villian in this Batman film was Bane. Bane is no where close to being as great as the joker in the previous film, The Dark Knight. Bane did give chills throughout the movie. He put up a great fight for Mr. Wayne. It was interesting to see someone who put up a good fight with Batman.


Anne Hathaway did an exceptional job as Catwoman. I had my doubts when I first found out she was going to be playing Catwoman. I didn’t think she really had the catwoman look, but she turned out to be a very good fit. She played a good mean girl/nice girl role. She wasn’t too girly to play a fighter and she had good chemistry with Christan Bale.


The scene where Bane and Batman first fight in the sewers was an intense scence and it was important to the rest of the movie. We see batman get defeated. This makes him want to fight for the people of his town even more. It ends up giving him the strength he needed to find within himself.


I loved the scence where Bane makes himself known to everyone. The build up while the national anthem is being sung at the football game gets you ready for the dramatic entrance Bane makes by blowing up the field. It was one of the most dramatic scences in the film.

Dark Knight Rises

I really liked the ending of the movie as well. I thought the end tied everything together nicely. I thought the ending of the movie left room to produce a new movie. No one thinks their going to coninue the series but if they weren’t going to why would they end the movie revealing to us another important character in the Batman series?

Death Sentence

I really liked the movie Death Sentence a lot. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and really kept me interested wanting to know what was going to happen next. The movie also shocked me. It wasn’t your typical happy ending movie. Kevin Bacon did a great job acting. He played the perfect rich white guy who goes crazy. He wasn’t some huge steroid taking man, he was an average man. It was easier to see and relate to him during the movie.


The movie starts out with Nick’s son dying. He gets shot at a gas station for being in the wrong place at the wrong time pretty much. They were there as a gang was initiating one of their new members who has to kill someone to get into the gang. Nick’s son is that person. The director did a great job making you feel the depression and anger in Nick, his wife, and other son. It made me cry watching their reactions to this death. The music playing while the mother is seen finding out her son died adds to the dramatic effect and fits in very well.

Nick ends up killing the guy who killed his son because he walks out free not charged at all for the murder. You can feel the emotions as this man is avenging his son. This starts a whole war between him and the gang the young man was in. When the gang retaliate I don’t think I was really ready for it. I had an idea of what was going to happen but watching the gang get into Nick’s house no problem and shoot the last three members of the family wasn’t what I had hoped was going to happen. I’m not used to such a horrific scene in movie; unless it’s a gruesome horror movie where you can expect everyone dying.

If that were the end of the movie I think I would have been pretty pissed off and not enjoyed the movie but, it wasn’t the end. Nick doesn’t die he wakes up and is out for revenge now more than ever. Lets just say now the rest of the gang members are the ones with the death sentences.

I think my favorite line of the movie was when the gang member Billy is talking to Nick right before he dies. He says that Nick looks like one of them. Nick’s appearance has totally changed and he is just like one of those gang members in the ways that he looks as well as the way he can kill. Could that be a message? Was taking revenge the wrong thing to do? Now Nick is just as bad as any other gang member…


That’s My Boy

That’s My Boy was a hilarious comedy! I loved the movie and would recommend it to anyone who loves funny movies and Adam Sandler. It was a lot better than Adam Sandler’s last movie Jack and Jill.

The idea of the movie was a little bit far-fetched. A boy getting his teacher pregnant in middle school doesn’t seem like it would ever happen in real life.I don’t think the boy’s parents would ever let him see the teacher again, so the idea of the boy still being in love with his teacher for so long seems strange. The characters do play the scenario well though, you don’t really think about all of this as you’re watching the movie in tears laughing.

Adam Sandler used a weird accent in the movie. I found it to be very annoying at times. He is from the boston area, he doesn’t need to try to force the known boston accent. It just seemed to much at times and I found myself criticizing how he was talking then actually listening to every word he said.

I think the director did a good job of showing how a relationship like Donny and his son Tod might be like. You can see the struggles between them at times. Donny was such a young dad that he never really grew up, and couldn’t really be the father his son wanted. They seemed to have a brother like relationship at times. At the end Donny steps up and shows Tod that he can be that father Tod always wanted, and shows just how much he loves Tod. The end ties in the whole relationship between the two. It shows just how strong a father-son relationship is.


The Revenant came out in 2009. I thought the movie looked interesting when I was browsing through the movie selctions at red box. I think im still undecided about this movie. It had funny moments but I don’t think I would reccomend it to anyone. It seemed like a good plot for a movie but the acting and the dialogue didn’t impress me. If the movie had more work or time put in to it the movie could of came out a lot better.

The scene where the character Bart comes back to life as a revenant he goes to his friends house and the reaction from his friend seemed to be too unrealistic. I don’t know how someone would really react to their bestfriend comming back alive after their funeral but I would think you would be more freaked out than just like oh cool my friends a zombie.

I think if Holly Wood remade the movie with different actors and better scrpit writing the movie could be a hit. There are a lot of zombie movies and tv shows out there right now and it’s hard to compete you really need to make it great for people to want to see it or they can just go pick from one of the other hundreds of zombie movies. I will say the makeup was pretty good though in this movie. The zombie effect looked real.  Bart really looked like he was dead and rotting out from the inside.




I thought the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting was pretty funny. I haven’t had a baby so I can’t really say how true any of the movie was but I still felt like I could relate to some parts of the movie. Even parts I couldn’t relate to I still found funny!

The whole issue with the fathers in the movie was hilarious . They acted the way I picture my dad would have acted with his friends when I was a baby, and even more like the way I would see my boyfriend and his friends if we had kids now! They told stories that would make a mom go nuts if she knew! From dropping babies, to calling them by a different name the stories they told were funny because you can really picture your husband doing that, and gossping about it with his friends.

The scene with Elizabeth Banks giving a talk about pregnancy was one of the funniest parts of the movie. She told the truth about how pregnancy is and I think it just stuck out because it was so opposite of all the other women pregnant in the film that who were happy the whole time. She showed an average pregnancy and how hormonal someone would really be!

I didn’t like the storyline with the younger couple though. It was the only different baby storyline and I just don’t think it fit in well. The movie seemed to be really upbeat and happy most of the time so their sad story just ruined the comedy essence of the movie. That was the only thing I didn’t like about the movie. Besides that the movie was pretty funny though out the whole thing.